The Ever-changing Lake

Yes, we do visit the intermittent Lake Cerknica often. And for a good reason; it is one of the natural wonders of this part of Europe, and it’s a changeling. Every season – no, every month, every week, sometimes even during one day! – it shows a different face. A new, wondrous, unknown, beautful face. … Read more

Dragons and Beer and Romantic Nationalism

It’s beer o’clock somewhere, right? This is the main building of Union Brewery – Pivovarna Union – the brewery of Ljubljana (and, according to one member of KAP Jasa team, the producer of the best, if not the only beer in the world – others are just fizzy drinks with low alcohol content). It’s logotype … Read more

Nature Wins by Default

We gave up. We admit – we tried, but we failed. We must concede defeat. Stržen creek flows through the dried-up Lake Cerknica. The intermittent Lake Cerknica is one of the greatest karst wonders of the world, an exceptional and fragile ecoysytem, a true mystery of Nature. People living by the lake were using its … Read more

A Jewel Under Threat

River Mura is the last large lowlands river in Slovenia that still retains its pristine character. Slowly flowing across the Pomurje plain Mura is a biodiversity hotspot, a Natura 2000 area hosting many endangered fish, birds and plants species. In 2018 the river and its floodplain was registered as a UNESCO biosphere reserve; it includes … Read more