A medieval town

Ljubljana Old Town in all its medieval glory … This kite aerial view of Stari (Old), Gornji (Upper) and Levstik Squares, and Rožna (Flower) street encompasses the heart of Ljubljana’s Old Town, the centre of the medieval settlement that begun in around year 1000, was first mentioned in Nomina defunctorum parchment between 1112 and 1125 … Read more

Sweet & Sour

In our last post we showed you Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, an extremely important bird sanctuary that was created on the former wastewater disposal pools of Tovarna Sladkorja Ormož (TSO; Ormož Sugar Factory). Now we’d like to show you the former factory itself. Ormož Sugar Factory today, with “Ormož Sea” – a hydroepower reservoir on … Read more

Enchanting Prlekija

Prlekija is a region of Slovenia that’s not defined by physical borders, but rather by language, the Prlekija dialect; a melodic, dreamy language that reflects all the different landscapes, its rich and tumultuous history, the sun and the wine (and that all the other Slovenes can not understand at all). Prlekija has hills and vineyards, … Read more