Tivoli: the Green Lungs of Ljubljana

In the immediate vicinity of Ljubljana city centre there is a vast park at the foot of Rožnik and Šiška hills, called Tivoli. Tivoli City Park is part of the larger Tivoli, Rožnik, and Šiška Hill Landscape Park, 500 hectares of protected nature right by the city. While most of the landscape park is covered … Read more

Kites up (barely) in Rosà!

KAP Jasa kite club was invited to take part in the 12th Con il naso all’insù international kite festival in Rosà, Italy, that took place from 16th to 17th March this year. An impeccably organized kite fest – mainly due to the efforts of the intrepid Guilherme Linares Palau and the Proloco Rosà team – … Read more

Ljubljana Beloved

The so-called “urban KAP” is an attractive and rather difficult part of kite aerial photography, for flying a kite among tall buildings and within small parks is not for the faint-hearted. But it can give you the views of the city that were never seen before… So we let the kite fly from Tivoli park, … Read more

Paper and poems

In 1842 a rich merchant Fidelis Terpinc – one of the richest men of Ljubljana – bought some land on the banks of Ljubljanica river in Vevce, east of Ljubljana, and built a paper mill there. The dam on Ljubljanica river, supplying the very thirsty paper mill with water. Fidelis was one of the first … Read more

Enter River

After the turbulent, secluded and still much unknown karstic life the River of Seven Names finally springs into Ljubljana Marshes as Ljubljanica. For 30 kilometers it gently flows over the flat Marshes, and then it majestically enters the capital of Slovenia – Ljubljana. Entrance of Ljubljanica into the city. Here the mostly natural river changes … Read more