Like an Abstract Painting …

What is this? Or this: These eerie patterns in the sand were captured off the dog-friendly Lido di Fido beach in Grado, Italy. The long sandy beach is quite famous among kitesurfers. Steady and rather strong wind, shallow waters, no obstacles. At low tide the dunes and water conspire to create a strange landscape that … Read more

An Undulating Coutryside

Dolenjska region of Slovenia – Lower Carniola and its Krka Valley is simply beautiful. River Krka near the village of Drama – as seen from a kite. See the white swans paddling downstream in a line 🙂 Rolling hills with orchards and wineyards, manucured gardens and fields, colorful forests and the sleepy beauty: green river … Read more

Ancient Monastery and Contemporary Art

Let’s unfold the kite and fly – 800 years into the past! … In 1234 the Duke of Carinthia Bernhard Von Spanheim consolidated his posessions in Lower Carniola by establishing a Cistercian monastery at a spring called Obrh, not far from the town of Kostanjevica on the river Krka. The monastery complex, now an exibition … Read more