In Vino Veritas

In the northeast of Slovenia lies a magical region called Prlekija. A truly beautiful place, whose nickname the Tuscany of Slovenia actually doesn’t give it enough credit. A paradise indeed – there is even a town called Jeruzalem here! This is a supreme wine growing region, an undulating coutry with vineyards on the sunny side … Read more

Finding a Roman Camp

Upper Pivka Valley is an archaeological treasure trove, with numerous Iron Age hillforts and settlements, with Roman villae, tradeposts and military camps, with medieval castles and old villages. . So when we saw those strange circles in kite aerial photos from our first visit to castle Kalec, excitement about a possible Iron Age roundhouse settlement … Read more

Summer on the Moor

Iška Moor nature reserve, a specially protected part of Ljubljana Marshes landscape park, is one of the last remnants of vast moors that once covered the entire southern part of Ljubljana Basin. Different colours of vegetation in Iška Moor nature reserve. It is a unique ecosystem, one of the finest still extant example of damp … Read more