Mystery Lake in the Height of Summer

Yes, the intermittent Lake Cerknica with its regular cycles of drying out and filling up is a very attractive place, always showing a different face to an aspring photographer. We went there in spring, when the waters just started to recede, and then again in early summer, when the former bottom of the lake was … Read more

Only Kites and Horses

The village of Velike Bloke lies in the middle of a vast karst plateau Bloke, a remote and wild place in the heart of Slovenia. Lying above 700 m ASL Bloke plateau remains wild and untamed. There is almost no place for agriculture, and deep forests are home to huge beasts, inclunding brown bears, wolves … Read more

Unica River Revisited

So, in late February we visited Planina karst field and river Unica running through it – and we saw something strange in the bed of the river. Could this be something, we were asking ourselves, maybe an ancient boat? What is that? Luckily, we weren’t asking just ourselves, but some professionals too. They were interested, … Read more