A Rogue Kite and a Cool Discovery

(***UPDATE Aug 3*** – after the experts of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts looked into all this, there are some preliminary conclusions: the rings are (almost surely) mushroom-made fairy rings, and the pottery shards are Roman! Read more here.) Well, then … When we were forced to leave the … Read more

A Castle and a Storm

These are the ruins of the castle of Kalec (also Steinberg, Štemberk), near Zagorje in Upper Pivka valley, Slovenia. Built by the Stemberg family in 1622, it had two wings and a central round tower – the only thing that still stands. Castle Kalec – ‘Steinperg’, Štemberg – in all its former glory. A litograph … Read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

In the late 19th century a physician dr. Karel Bleiweis argued for a specialized psychiatric hospital in Ljubljana, Slovenia. A ‘Narrenhaus‘, a ‘lunatic asylum’. As the general attitude to the ‘crazies’ and ‘lunatics’ improved, and with emerging push for the more humane and institutionalized psychiatric care, the efforts of dr. Bleiweis payed off: an ex … Read more

Fužine district, Ljubljana

New Fužine district in Ljubljana were constructed from 1977 to 1988 and remain the largest housing project in Slovenia, sprawling on 61 hectares, a home for almost 20.000 people. New Fužine are the most densely populated area in Slovenia, with over 38.500 inhabitants per square kilometre. View across the apartment blocks towards the Ljubljana centre. … Read more


The Praia do amado – Lovers beach – south of Lisbon and west of Faro, Portugal, is a surfers paradise. The long sandy beach faces due west, into the Atlatic winds. While the beach is family friendly, there are some strange surfers rituals going on. Kite aerial photos, shot with Nikon 1 J1 on a … Read more

A Barren Island

Island of Pag, Croatia, has the longest coast of all the islands in the Adriatic. Belonging to the Northern Dalmatia archipelago, it lies just across the Velebit channel, its eastern coast facing the furious Bora wind that comes crashing down the mountain. Winds on Pag are steady, perfect for flying kites – and for generating … Read more