Borders in the Roman Empire

The precursor of Ljubljana, the roman Emona – Colonia Iulia Emona – was founded by Augustus in the first decades of the first century AD, on the left bank of river Ljubljanica. Ljubljanica runs through Ljubljana Marshes. Shot from a kite. The previous inhabitants of these lands were Taurisci, a Celtic tribe that were wiped … Read more

Disappearing Lake Revisited

Intermittent Lake Cerknica, that “miracle of nature” as Valvasor called it, never ceases to amaze. Now the lake is in the process of disappearing; its waters are retreating, lush meadows are emerging again and streams are returning to their meandering channels. (Lake Cerknica from the west. In the foreground the meanders of Zerovniscica stream are … Read more

A Tamed River

River Sava is moody and powerful – and there were many attempts to tame it and to harness its power. We’ve shown you how Austria-Hungary tried to restrain Sava north and east of Ljubljana – and how she destroyed or ignored almost everything done. But upstream the power of Sava was put to some use … Read more