High above Ljubljana Marshes (again)

River Ižica is one of the few rivers in Ljubljana Marshes that retained its natural course. Almost all the others were ‘meliorated’, deepened and straightened to reduce flooding. The ancient pile-dwellers made their homes in the area 6.500 years ago – when Ljubljana Marshes were covered by a shallow lake. These were taken with Canon … Read more

Meandering river Unica

When the waters of Lake Cerknica disappear through the caves and sinkholes, they travel underground first to Rakov Škocjan, emerge there and then sink again, flowing into Planina cave, joining with river Pivka coming from Postojna cave (in a unique underground river confluence); and after all this drama the waters burst out from Planina cave … Read more

Prehistoric pile dwellings

Ljubljana Marshes boast a rich and complex history. 6.500 years ago there was a shallow lake covering the area, and people settled on it – they built so called pile dwellings, platforms and houses bitld on stilts, driven deep into lake bottom. Many of these pile dwellings were found around the river Ižica, one of … Read more

Urban KAP – Stožice, Ljubljana

Kite aerial photography in urban areas is exciting and intense (you always worry about a multitude of imaginary mishaps), but the results are usually well worth the effort. Very little story this time – just nice photos of northern Ljubljana suburbs, with Stožice Arena and Stadium (by Sadar & Vuga architects) in the foreground. . … Read more

White gold of Strunjan (Strugnano)

Strunjan is a village on Slovenian coast between Izola and Piran in northern Adriatic. It is a quiet, pleasant coastal village – and at the first sight it does not look like one of the pillars of the prosperity of the region, spanning many centuries. Yet it was: at the end of the bay there … Read more