Above st. Volbenk church, Zelše

Beyond the northwestern end of famous and beautiful Cerknica intermittent lake lies the village of Zelše. And on the top of the hill just beyond the village there is a small church, dedicated to saint Volbenk – as bishop Wolfgang of Regensburg is known in Slovenia. (Church of St. Volbenk, Zelše, Slovenia – from a … Read more

New look at the old channel

This is Ljubljanica river’s first (partly) artificial channel, called Stržen: The Romans dug it in the 1st century AD al the way through the Ljubljana Marshes in order to shorten the travel between Nauportus (today Vrhnika) and Emona (Ljubljana). It silted up hundreds of years ago, and the water flows here only after intense rains. … Read more

Giant squid in the air!

Not all kites are workhorses. Some are pure fun: This is our Giant squid called Liggie, a showkite. Sewn by Janez, plan by master kitebuilder Ivo Van Olmen. As a showkite, Liggie the Squid can’t fly by itself; it is attached to the line of a lifter and let to wiggle in the wind. Here … Read more

Millie flies!

First flight of our new KAP kite; 2×2 m French military design; 3,3 square meters of fabric, 738 grams including spars. It is extremely stable and has an enormous pull, so a lot of hopes are riding on this kite aerial platform. Alas, the wind was just barely enough to lift it (<5 km/h), so … Read more

Have we just discovered something?

We always say kite is a great scientific tool and that kite aerial photography can lead to actual discoveries (great masters at West Lothian Aerial Archaeology proved that so many times) – and now this! (TL;DR: did we discover something in the river? Probably not.) As we checked our kite aerial photos of river Unica … Read more

A new kite!

KAP Jasa proudly presents – Millie! Millie is our latest – and so far the largest – KAP kite, of French military design. 2 meters high, 2 meters wide, 3,3 square meters of fabric, 738 grams including spars. Measured, cut and sewn by master seamster and chief kite pilot Janez (“Ja” in KAP Jasa 😊).