Patterns in the snow

Water, ice and snow create those eerily beautiful patterns in Planina karst field, Slovenia. Check out this video, and this one with enhanced wind howl. Kite aerial photos taken with Canon A810 and Nikon 1 J1, video with GoPro 3, all on a great white delta kite.

Unica in the snow

KAP-ing in winter is hard. The cold, the wind, the snow … And it’s beautiful. River Unica flows through snow-covered Planina karst field, Slovenia. Kite aerial photo, Nikon 1 J1 on a Royal 69 sled kite

People vs. river

In late 19th and early 20th century the Austro-Hungarian Empire took on a huge river engineering project in Ljubljana Basin – they chained the mighty Sava river into a straightened channel running north-northeast of Ljubljana from Tacen through Šentjakob all the way to Litija. But Sava wouldn’t be tamed. In the nineteen thirties it broke … Read more

About the birds and … erosion

This is river Sava near Šentjakob, Slovenia, shot with Nikon 1 J1 on a Rokkaku kite. In september 2010 it swelled enormously during the torrential rains and its truly exceptional flow – exceeding 1.200 cubic meters per second – of this barely tamed river destroyed almost 600 m of the left bank channel wall, reclaiming … Read more