Kite above St. Quiricus

This cute little church is dedicated to a rarely chosen saint, allegedly martyred in AD 304. It presides over a small, intimate graveyard, lined with typical cypress trees, perched high on the Karst ridge. Built in 11th century almost 250 meters above the valley, every visit is a not-so-subtle allegory of the final ascent to … Read more

Autumn on the Karst ridge

The Karst ridge is the edge of the original Karst plateau (that gave us all the name ‘karst’), a precipitous boundary between paleogene limestone and waterproof flysch that extends from above Trieste all the way to Roć field in Croatia. The ridge is a geological, meteorological and biological transition region between mediterranean and dinaric hiterland, … Read more

Kozler forest revisited

A bog forest from above. This is the central part of Kozler’s forest (god knows why it is officially called Kozler’s “thicket”). The 20 ha of representative bog forest on a peaty soil is protected as a natural reserve. On a sunny autumn afternoon the pines are showing off their permanent green, while oaks, birches … Read more