A haunted swamp

This truly magical place is called ‘Mali plac’ and is a unique example of a raised bog, one of southern Europe’s few remaining natural habitats of this type. It is the only surviving remnant of once vast, moss-dominated bogs of Ljubljana Marshes. Mali plac is home to an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna, including … Read more

Serendipity in the woods

Since we can see what we got on camera only *after* landing, this abandoned truck was one of those nice surprises. And we will never know if it is used for making honey – a beehive trailer – or crystal meth 🙂 Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.

Slow death of a lake …

During the last 10 or so millenia a large lake, south of what is today the city of Ljubljana, slowly dried out, first enabling Neolithic and Bronze Age pile-dwellers to colonize it (the remains of pile dwellings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site today), then transforming into peat bogs and forest bogs. Finally the humans … Read more

High above the lake

See this lake? Well, it’s an intermittent karstic one: Palcje lake (Palško jezero), Pivka Valley Intermittent Lakes nature reserve, Slovenia. In the summer the water escapes through limestone in the lake bottom and the lake dries out, the waters giving way to meadows and fields and red Salix shrubs. And then the autumn rains overwhelm … Read more

Šilentabor archaeological site

Upper Pivka valley, Slovenia, has a rich and tumultuous history. There are abundant remains of Iron and Bronze Age hillforts, and Roman military camps, there are ruins of once mighty castles, ancient churches and villages still going strong. A 750 m hill called Tabor, above Zagorje, got its name from a type of foritified church … Read more


Below the small village of Zagradec near Grosuplje, Slovenia, lies a typical karst field called Radensko polje, with meandering streams dissapearing into sinkholes and caves. The streams are prone to overflow, so much of the area is swampy and thus an important habitat for rare and endagered flora and fauna. (Part of Radensko polje in … Read more

Bikes to the beach!

This is probably one of our best photos so far, taken at the sandspit of river Sava, near the triple confluence of Sava, Ljubljanica and Kamniška Bistrica rivers. Canon A810 on a Rokkaku kite.